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The fair trade streaming app

What We Do

SupaPass gives any artist, label or creator their own dedicated subscription streaming service. Fans subscribe to a Creator Channel from £1 per month and the Creator and their rights holders earn up to 100% net revenue share of their fan subscriptions.

Juliana Meyer
How it all started

SupaPass is founded by award-winning singer-songwriter Juliana Meyer. When she was running her own label to release her music independently, Juliana wanted to create a way for any artist at any level to be able to receive regular subscriptions from their loyal fans, so artists could give more new music to those special fans in return for a regular reliable income. This was the vision. Using her tech training (MEng from Oxford), she saw a way to use the power of technology to make an efficient ecosystem to save everyone time and bring more value to fans, artists, labels, and everyone in the chain. This was the birth of SupaPass…

"I started SupaPass because I wanted to give fans an easy way to support the artists they love, while giving them the opportunity to be part of the artist’s inner circle and enjoy everything in one place. And I wanted artists to have an easy way to receive regular subscriptions from their most loyal fans."

"Starting out with nothing but passion and a clear idea, we now have an amazing team who have made SupaPass a reality for artists and fans around the world… Thank you to everyone along the way who has made this magic possible!"

Advisory Board
The Team

SupaPass is supported by a prestigious advisory board of leading industry experts. We're grateful for the many more amazing people who have helped us and given their time (often for free) over the years to help make our SupaPass vision a reality. We’re supported by some fantastic investors who've made SupaPass possible. Our team feels like a family, passionate about helping Creators around the world connect with their army of awesome fans. We make stuff in Norwich and London, UK.

Who We Are

"We're a team of passionate musicians, techies, creators and fans. We want Creators to be better paid for their work and give fans closer access to their favourite Creators.”

"Best European Startup" SXSW Hatch
"Best UK Startup" MIDEM
"Top 100 leaders doing interesting things in tech" TechCityInsider
"Top 6 most progressive companies from the tech sector" Content London
"Top 5 most interesting UK businesses at SXSW" PCPro
"Most Innovative Small Business" Winner - EoE Award in Goverment's 'Britain is Great' Business Awards
"Best Women-Led Investment" Nominee UKBAA Awards
"Natwest Everywoman Iris Award" finalist
Chosen for Entrepreneur Academe 2014, funded by City of London (top 12 women-led startups)
"x2 DevelopHER Awards - Overall Award & Entrepreneur Award" Winner - DevelopHER Awards 2016

Press Pack

Download our press pack including logos, app device screenshots and more.

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