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Make money from your content.

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SupaPass is a subscription app; it gives you, the content owner, your own paywalled subscription service, enabling you to market directly to your audience and monetise your content.

Music, sports, TV, film, charities, trade bodies, wellbeing, e-learning, chefs, comedians, authors, actors, celebrities – SupaPass works for anyone with an audience to monetise digital content behind a subscription paywall.

SupaPass Device Family

The fair trade streaming app.

Earn up to 100% net revenue.

All your audio and video streaming in one place, plus images, blogs, and socials for your audience to access unlimited, online and offline.

SupaPass is the fair-trade streaming app. You set the price, your audience can choose to pay more (many do!), and you earn up to 100% net revenue.

Choose one of our ready-to-launch channels or go for gold with our premium whitelabel app service. It’s quick and easy to get you set up.

“SupaPass are ahead of the curve... interesting new future ways to make a more sustainable ecosystem. A simple effective payment model for everyone. A real breath of fresh air. ”

Imogen Heap, Grammy-award winner

Audio streaming with offline mode

Video streaming on demand

Blogs, photos, VIP community

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“"An all-in-one destination. The other key differentiation is that SupaPass is ‘fair trade’, providing up to 100% net revenues back.”

Mark Mulligan, Midia, leading digital commentator

Earn regular income and unlock new revenue streams

Powerful tech to help you connect with your audience.

You set the subscription price: it’s your content, on your channel, for your audience - putting you in control.

Choose how you get paid.

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Let your audience support your work.

Give your audience instant access to all your digital content, on demand, on all their devices, unlimited. You are in charge: it’s your content, your audience, your app. Your followers subscribe directly to your channel, not to SupaPass. We’ve designed the app to help you give them more of what they want, let you own the relationship for the long-term and earn a regular income from your work.

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Imogen Heap



The Raven Age

Matt Hayes

Dan Baird And Homemade Sin


Phil Manzanera

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You choose how you get paid

85% net revenue


No account service fee

You keep 85% of net revenue
(15% to SupaPass)

100% net revenue

from £20 per month

Account service fee

You keep 100% of net revenue
(monthly service fee to SupaPass)

Net revenue is calculated after the Direct Cost of Sales (taxes, transaction costs, server costs, publishing)
Note: We pay Songwriters/Publishers first (where applicable)

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