I Feel Strange

The Strangers



Rise, Rise
Open Your Eyes
Now Is The Time
For You To Shine (2x)

[Verse 1: SaulPaul]
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Blood Like Honey

Where's your passion and motive tonight? 
'Cause my hands are torn and my lungs are worn out.
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Tibetan Night Terrors

We remain indoors just to spite the sun
and we forsake these walls for no one
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The Dying Embers of Life

The Raven Age

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Imogen Heap’s score of the first ever surrealist film, “The Seashell and the Clergyman” is now available to stream exclusively on her SupaPass channel.

Directed by French female film-maker Germain Dulac in 1928, the film was shown at the Birds Eye View Festival in 2011, with Imogen's acapella score [...]
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If you're coming to the show at the 100Club tomorrow night and are a member of the Full Moon Club on SupaPass, you're in for a special treat - CousteauX are giving 5 of you the chance to win a meet&greet after the show!

To enter, you need to email your SupaPass login name to support@supapass.com before 10AM [...]
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The Raven Age are heading out on their first ever headline tour in the UK & Europe this Oct/Nov and they have a brand new setlist to go with it!

Tickets available from www.theravenage.com/tour [...]
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It is an exciting week for The Raven Age fans! The band will be playing the Download Festival on June 9th, and on top of this they are releasing their new video for the Dying Embers of Life.

To celebrate the band are giving away a signed CD of Darkness Will Rise and a T-shirt. All you have to do to enter the competition is follow this link and download the track Darkness Will Rise for free: https://supapass.com/theravenage/s/thedyingembersoflife

Want more chances to win? There’s also an exclusive competition for their SupaPass subscribers this month. You [...]
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Exciting news! The evocative and romantic CousteauX are back as a duo in 2017, re-booted and bearing a silent X: a kiss and a scar to signal this exciting new era.

CousteauX is the distinctive, magical voice of Irishman Liam McKahey and the beautiful, bittersweet songs of Davey Ray Moor. Their brand new mini-album as well as their upcoming album are now streaming on their SupaPass, a whole three months before the release date in September!

Join the Full Moon Club now for immediate access to music, videos, and a whole plethora of all things CousteauX [...]
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