Check out the tips section for themed  advice and look forward to guest spots and films with friends such as Mick ‘The Duke’ Brown.


. All my back catalogue in one place, and the place where to see new films first;

. New films, short films and footage that has never been previously broadcast;

. Regular audio Fishcasts - ask questions via the comments, so I can answer in a future episode;

. Off the grid? On a boat? Low on data? No problem! Take me anywhere with you with offline mode for all audio tracks;

. A state-of-the-art video player that detects your connection speed to automatically serve the highest resolution your device can handle.


My hope is that together, we will build Matt Hayes TV into a big club and a strong voice, and work as one to fund and create new Matt Hayes and Mick Brown films in which you share in the project from start to finish.