Hi Leddys!

RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED to announce I am officially an artist on SupaPass - an incredible new platform for artists (such as myself) and fans (such as yourselves!) to have so much fun together! 

Through SupaPass (online on the web-app or offline on-the-go via the phone app) I will be continuously premiering exclusive new tracks, lyrics, video diaries, live performances, competitions, merchandise and finally you'll be able to find all things 'Leddra' in one place .... but here's the amazing part... it's only £1 a month!!! If you sign up for the yearly subscription you get a FREE signed photo in the post!

I am sharing 2 BRAND NEW TUNES with you all, to celebrate!!!  "No Good" is a tune I wrote with gorgeous fellow singer/songwriter Sion Russell Jones - you can download and own this live recording through SupaPass (without having to sign up!)  We love this tune and hope you do too!

"Ghost" is another brand new studio track you can all listen to now -  I'm very proud of this tune - please let me know what you think!

ALSO from 25th December there will be "Leddra's 12 Days of Christmas" through SupaPass - each day there will be something new and exclusive to download as a Christmas gift from me to you :-) 

I truly believe SupaPass is going to revolutionise the industry for both the fans and the artists involved, not only is it completely fan friendly but it's also artist friendly too - SupaPass prides itself on paying fair royalty rates to the writers and performers involved.  It is a brand new way of connecting us all together and this is a project very close to my heart.

See you in VIP! :D

Leddra x