Soo…. hello there Heapster…(apparently that’s the semi official term for someone who likes my music according to the Urban Dictionary!). 

You’re here and I’m here and here is where I post some videos for anyone interested in what I’m up to. 

Here is the first place in the world to come and see my videos and hear my music all in one place and pay me a bit while you’re doing it! 

Plus… I really like Juliana who set up SupaPass, which Is why I’m ‘here’ as we are working together in seeing how distribution can be fairer and simpler in the music industry ecosystem :) 

 probably more on that another time! 

For now… watch this space, enjoy the making of documentaries, which you can only watch the whole set if you bought my deluxe album last year :) 

I think they’re pretty good… plus … my partner Mike and I met while we were making them… and then we ‘made’ scout (which Tin is about). 

Ok… so lots of love and looking forward to seeing where this all goes. 

If we manage to get a tonne of people in here rather than anywhere else then I’ll definitely get off my bum bums (as we say to scout) and be a busy little bee with postings. 

It’s got to make sense for everyone hasn’t it? 

There are a couple of songs in the works already…. so they’ll be up here when I do… hopefully in the next months. 

They are commissioned songs for two separate companies and I’m not allowed to talk about them yet annoyingly… so would also depend on when they want to release them 

Nothing is ever simple! 

Hey ho… 

Big hugs! 

The Heapster 

aka immi 

aka Scout’s mum 

aka Imogen Heap!