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The Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) was founded in 2009 to support, promote and protect the artist community in the music industry.

The FAC nurtures a community of artists and provides support, advice and education in order to empower artist entrepreneurs in the ever evolving music industry. This includes running workshops, mentoring and networking sessions for our members.

The FAC functions as a collective voice, actively promoting transparency and fairness within the industry. Artists possess a persuasive voice in influencing political debates, so the FAC ensures that voice is heard by government and policymakers in the UK, USA and EU.

Within the music industry, the FAC encourages better standards and business practices from record labels, music publishers and other business partners.  The FAC has secured a seat on the board of UK Music, an umbrella organisation that brings together all sides of the music industry.  This ensures the artist voice is heard at the highest level and on an equal footing alongside labels and other stakeholders.

The FAC is also at the heart of umbrella artist organisation IAO (International Artist Organisation) in order to unite artists on an international level.

Thought Leadership
As music and technology evolve, the FAC considers emerging forms of creative expression and new and innovative ways for artists to earn a living from what they do. The FAC works positively with the technology sector to stand up for the artist’s position while identifying solutions and opportunities to enhance the options available to artists.

The FAC board includes: Imogen Heap (AIR), Annie Lennox, Ed O’Brien (Radiohead), Fran Healy (Travis), Hal Ritson (The Young Punx), Howard Jones, Jeremy Pritchard (Everything Everything), Kate Nash, Katie Melua, Lucy Pullin, Master Shortie, Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), Roxanne de Bastion, Rumer, Sam Lee, Sandie Shaw (Honorary President).